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Wyatt And Friends Wiki is a Website that is about a newer program.

Wide Gauge Sedor Edit

The wide gauge engines fell down. They had a big crash. Their paint chipped off them. A big crash made a big railway accident in the 2009 series. When the wide gauge engines were going to bed, they burned and were dirty. They went over the other time and took the non-rail engines to visit at The Previous Railway. Before, Mister Percival was worrying about the wide gauge engines old food, taken to the Fresh food store.

Flying Scotsman and Brenda

He likes to fly a lot, even though he uses his two tenders. Edward (a wide gauge engine) had been saved from scrap by Wyatt, but he was going to get scrapped. Flying Scotsman also approached Brenda by the other wide gauge engines. In the video: Rails as rails, Brenda had took the other wide gauge engines to the wide gauge railway, after Brenda and the other wide gauge engines visited Sir Edward's railway.

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